Homework Help at local museums

The North Museum and the Lancaster Science Factory are proud to open their doors to children who are
learning virtually in 2021.
The Science Factory will host The Homework Club for grades 1-8 on Wednesdays. The North Museum
will host School @ North Museum for grades K-8 on Thursdays and Fridays. Half day and full day
options are available, with flexible pick up and drop off options.

Both Lancaster-based institutions share a special expertise in STEM education. School @ North Museum
and The Homework Club combine virtual school with STEM-focused, in-person learning. Participating
students will have access to their highly skilled educators, as well as engaging experiences in both
unique facilities.
The purpose of the partnership is to help students who would benefit from a safe and enriching
environment to stay focused on their schoolwork. Educators consult with parents before the first day to
create an individual learning plan for each student. They will keep students on track as they complete
assignments; provide extra help with challenging subjects and homework; and lead fun, science-based
projects during downtime.
Screen-free “brain break” activities on STEAM topics are a feature of both programs, along with access
to the exhibit halls and planetarium. Low tech or no tech activities are prioritized to reduce screen time.
Capacity is limited for COVID safety and to maintain a low student-teacher ratio. Registration for both
programs is now open.
Please visit The Homework Club to register for Wednesdays and School @ North Museum to register for
Thursdays and Fridays.
This partnership builds upon the North Museum and the Lancaster Science Factory’s ongoing joint
programs: Day of STEM Field Trips and Double the Discovery Memberships.