Q:        Where does your programming come from?

A:        The majority of our programming comes directly from ESPN Radio.  We are the licensed Central PA affiliate for this programming.  That gives us the rights to carry shows like Keyshawn, Jay and ZUbin, Dan LeBatard & Stugotz and Chiney and Golic Jr.


Q:        Do you carry any programming other than content from ESPN Radio?

A:        Yes.  We are the Central PA affiliate for Philadelphia Phillies baseball.  When games are scheduled, we break away from ESPN programming to carry them.


Q:        Sometimes I hear games advertised to be on ESPN Radio but you don’t carry them.  Why not?

A:        We are not always able to gain local clearance to air games.  In those instances we have to air the alternate programming offered by ESPN, which is typically a podcast show.


Q:        Can the station be streamed online to hear Phillies and other programming?  Or do you offer an app that can be downloaded?

A:        We’ve always wanted to offer these options, but here’s why we don’t…

The NFL, MLB, the NBA, etc. have a very strict policy on streaming their games and do not give permission to stations to stream their games.  They only give permission to air them on the radio stations themselves.  We would have to offer alternate programming on the stream and app.  We decided it’s not worth it to do so, as the main reason listeners would want to stream us or download an app to listen to us is so they could hear the games.


Q:        Is there a way to stream ESPN Radio content and/or is there an app to listen to content via a mobile device?

A:        Yes!  Again, you won’t be able to hear any play-by-play, but ESPN Radio itself does offer streaming and an app.  This allows you to hear your favorite ESPN shows.  The feed comes directly from ESPN Radio so you won’t  hear any of our localized elements, such as our local commercials.  If you click LISTEN LIVE on the homepage of our website, you can stream the national ESPN Radio feed.  You can also download the free ESPN Radio app by searching for it in your app store.


Q:        Why don’t you carry any high school or local college sports on your station?

A:        While our goal is to be as localized as possible, we decided against carrying any local play-by-play for a variety of reasons.  First and foremost, there are so many local teams and we don’t have enough hours in the day to carry them all.  Secondly, because the radio station strives to be mass appeal (designed to reach the maximum number of listeners possible), we have learned through research that more listeners would rather hear major league sports play-by-play on the station.  In order to stay in business, we have to appeal to the majority.


Q:        I would like to offer feedback on something one of the ESPN personalities said on their show.  How do I go about doing that?

A:        You can always contact us here at the radio station via email ( or via our Facebook page (@ESPNRadio927).  We do pass along all comments to the network.


Q:        Why are you broadcasting on more than one signal?

A:        We broadcast on 3 stations in all-92.5 FM, 92.7 FM and 1490 AM.  92.7 has the strongest signal of the 3 and can be heard in York, Lancaster, Adams, Dauphin and Cumberland counties.  The signal gets weak in parts of Lancaster City, which is why it is offered on 92.5 FM, which is a translator signal and doesn’t have range outside of select parts of Lancaster.  The 92.7 FM signal originates from the town of Starview, in York County.  That signal covers York very well, but not as well in Lancaster.  We are required by the FCC to carry the same programming on 1490 AM as we do on 92.5 FM, which is why it is on that third station.


Q:        How do I advertise my business on the radio station?

A:        Contact our General Sales Manager, Loren Good, via email at  While our programming primarily comes from a national source (ESPN Radio), we do break away for local commercials a few times each hour.  Advertising on our station is a great way to connect your business to a well-known and well-established national brand, ESPN.


Q:        Who do I contact about anything that is not covered on this FAQ page?

A:        You can email our Program Director, Ronnie Ramone, who oversees programming on the radio station (